A strong author/editor relationship is essential for an editor to do his, her, or their job effectively. Authors must feel confident that their editor understands their voice, their style, and the ultimate goal of their manuscripts. Because this relationship is so important, I do not take on clients without first seeing a sample of the manuscript and providing a free sample edit.

If you do not know what kind of editing you need, contact me for a free email consultation and a sample edit to determine what type of editing best suits your needs. I also encourage you to check out my FAQ page because I answer some common questions about editing and further explain the importance of a sample edit.

Preferred Genres

I edit both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. My preferred fiction genres are romance, science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. My nonfiction work includes memoirs, self-help, theological topics, devotionals, and education-related subjects.

Within romance, my favorite subgenres are historical, fantasy, suspense, and inspirational (Christian) romance. However, I enjoy editing (and reading!) most all subgenres of romance.

Within historical fiction, I am most knowledgeable about twelfth and thirteenth century Scotland, ninth and tenth century Danish Viking lore, the American Civil War, and the American Old West. There are other time periods that I am comfortable working in, but these are where I have the greatest depth and breadth of knowledge.

Developmental and Content Editing

Developmental editing usually falls into one of three categories, and it does not include editing for grammar or punctuation. A manuscript that has had a developmental edit still needs to be copyedited. Developmental editing is time intensive and requires the author and editor to communicate frequently. Communication is essential for this type of editing.

Which type of developmental editing do you need?

I have a book idea, but I do not know where to start.

Do you have an idea but need help turning it into a compelling story? In this situation, usually very little of the story has been written. If this is the kind of help you are looking for, we will start with a free email consultation to determine if I am the right editor for you. Contact me to get started!

My manuscript is mostly written, but I am struggling with one or more areas of the story.

This type of developmental and content editing is for authors who have most of the writing complete but feel they are missing a crucial element or need help with one or more of the following: pacing, tone, character development, story arc, organization of chapters and sections, and advanced work on word and language usage. For clients who believe they need this type of editing, I always begin with a manuscript critique.

My manuscript is complete, but I feel like certain areas are weak or confusing.

I typically call this substantive editing. It is not as drastic as true developmental editing. With substantive editing, I help the author ensure the story remains tight and cohesive throughout the manuscript. This includes ensuring a character’s actions are consistent with that character’s personality, there are no plot holes, and the overall goal of the story is achieved. I can often combine substantive and line editing, which is more economical. However, this varies from manuscript to manuscript. If you think you need this kind of editing, contact me for a free email consultation and a free sample edit.

Line Editing and Copyediting

Some people consider these to be two different types of editing, but for the most part, I believe an editor cannot effectively do one without the other. At least, that is how my brain works best! When I do a line edit and copyedit, I look at the writing as a whole (sentence structure, active and passive voice, lack of clarity, etc.), grammar (including misplaced/dangling modifiers, parallelism, etc.), spelling, consistency (both storyline and style), punctuation, and other similar issues. I work through the manuscript word by word and line by line. This edit does not include in-depth fact checking, but I will do minor fact checking; for example, if a well-known person’s name or a trademark is used, I will check that it is spelled correctly. All line edits begin with a free sample edit. Contact me to get started.

My rates are based on the needs of each manuscript, which is why I always start with a sample edit. However, my line editing and copyediting rate typically ranges from $.015 to $.03 per word.*

It is important to note that copyediting is not the same thing as proofreading. Copyediting should occur before proofreading, and there can still be typos and punctuation errors after a copyedit. Mistakes are often introduced as the author accepts and rejects changes the editor has suggested during a copyedit. That is why proofreading after the copyedit is important. Proofreading is the last step before the manuscript is published. It is reading the book proof before the manuscript is printed or turned into an e-book. I only offer proofreading as part of my full-service editing package.

Manuscript Critique

I will read your manuscript with a professional, unbiased eye, evaluating the story elements, story arc, plot, character development, point of view, pacing, and readability. The manuscript critique includes an editorial report where I outline the positives of your manuscript and the areas that need improvement. The report will include suggestions for improving the weak areas. Some editors do not include the suggestions as part of a manuscript critique, but that is what I would want from a manuscript critique so that is what I do! In addition to the editorial report, margin comments with specific feedback will be included throughout the manuscript. A manuscript critique does not provide any line editing or copyediting. Contact me to get your free sample edit.

My rates are based on the needs of each manuscript, which is why I always start with a free sample. However, my manuscript critique rate is typically $.0175 per word.*

Full-Service Editing

I do offer several full-service editing packages. These packages are customizable and can include all levels of editing plus back-cover blurb writing and editing and interior book formatting with Adobe InDesign. My full-service packages also begin with a free sample edit. Contact me to get started.

* My rates are based on the Editorial Freelancers Association’s standard editorial rates.