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  1. Karen Weber-Manz
    The Crystal Children

    Haley did an incredible job editing my manuscript. She even went above and beyond to share knowledge that supported the concept. She was always responsive, kind, and professional. I look forward to working with her again on future projects.

  2. Bill Barber
    Timber, Land, and Railroads

    This was my third time working with Haley and I am always impressed with her skill, knowledge and attention to detail. For those of us not skilled or experienced in writing, Haley has great patience and offers useful suggestions on content and layout. She is fabulous to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone.

  3. Fiona Jasper
    The Melting Point

    Haley was wonderful to work with. She suggested many minor edits that added up to major improvements in my novel as a whole. (She also helped me shave off more than 1,000 words, which I was thrilled about!). Her knowledge, professionalism, and consideration were evident in every note she gave me. I wouldn’t trust anyone but Haley with my future projects!

  4. Katie Bickford
    The Parinama Method

    Haley has an encyclopedic knowledge of standards and vocabulary. She is able to manage significant amounts of information to find inconsistencies and provide clear guidance for remedies. It was amazing what she could find, and my book is so much better for it. Her notation is clear and easy to understand—she is responsive, communicative, and honest. Her written communication is excellent—a master class in itself. If you want your book to be better: Haley can make that happen. I received over ninety applications to proofread my book—and Haley was the clear choice in part because she is discerning about what she’s willing to work on, and after working with her I can see why. She is the best of the best. Not only is her work extraordinary but she is a delightful person to work with—I can’t imagine this process (and my manuscript) without her.

  5. Christy Brennand
    More Heart, Less Body

    Haley was a joy to work with. She was thorough, detailed, and communicated clearly throughout the entire process. I’ll definitely be calling her again when I write my next book.

  6. Marleen Pasch
    At the End of the Storm

    In three decades as a published author, I’ve worked with many editors, each with unique skills, talents, and perspectives. Each wanted the best for me, but none matches Haley Hampton’s breadth of experience, intuitive foresight and meticulous attention to detail. Her developmental editing pushes me to produce deeper, award-winning work, while her copy editing delivers clean, professional manuscripts that my publishers gush over for their clarity.

    I always count on Haley to deliver gentle but probative feedback informed not only by her experience as an educator, but by her innate decency and fairness.

    Though I’ve recently switched publishers and found a wonderful one with a superb staff, I’m sticking with Haley Hampton for my editorial work. I know she cares about me and my work, while her work never disappoints.

  7. Bill Barber
    Tyrrell Timber

    Haley did an outstanding job in reviewing my nonfiction manuscript. She made great suggestions on content and organizing the document. Small details that were overlooked, she brought to my attention and suggested ways to clarify and strengthen the story. I made lots or errors in the footnotes, that she caught and offered corrections. A job well done.

    (This review was originally submitted via Haley Hampton’s profile on Upwork.)

  8. Bill Barber
    Buffalo City and the Blount Patent

    As a first time writer, Haley did a very professional job in editing my work and offering suggestions on the organization of my non-fiction document. I highly recommend Haley to anyone seeking an editor, who will take the time to coach you through the process. Thanks.

    (This review was originally submitted via Haley Hampton’s profile on Upwork.)

  9. Luke P. Narlee
    This Can't Wait

    I’ve hired many editors over the years, and Haley is easily the best of the bunch. I never publish a new book until Haley has gone through it at least once. She’s an extremely talented editor; her attention to detail is incredible. It also doesn’t hurt that she is a wonderful human being. She’s always been kind, professional, and eager to help make my stories the best they can be. I look forward to hiring her again.

    (This review was originally submitted via email.)

  10. Julie Bjelland
    Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions

    Haley has been a wonderful editor. I have worked with Haley on several of my books, and she has become the person I turn to for help with any editing needs. She is organized and thorough, and she listens to my needs. She went above and beyond helping me on my latest book. I trust her to help me get my books to the place they need to be their best, and I highly recommend her!

    (This review was originally submitted via email.)

  11. Nika Smith
    In a Hurricane of Violence

    I could write another book about my extraordinary experience with Haley who turned my text that was meant to help the reader with understanding the mechanism of domestic violence into the book that now serves excellently to this purpose.

    Thankful to her abilities and be prepared to study the story thoroughly, she could suggest new, much better structure of the text. This, along with new major additions and corrections, made a significant difference in the clarity of understanding this complex mechanism of violence. Also, I am thankful to her, and her high attention, for warning me on serious mistakes that would provoke uncomfortable feelings if they were found after publishing.

    In further stages – when I believed that the text could not get much better anymore – she surprised me with unlimited knowledge when she creatively solved numerous “smaller” issues and suggested various innovative tweaks throughout the book. Her consistent high professionalism was apparent in both, in suggesting major changes and when came to details. The later – her abilities to pay meticulous attention to details – became apparent also in proofreading; the book with more than 450 pages went through with no warning on errors.

    All the time she maintained excellent communication.

    Indeed, Haley was a truly helpful person who was willing to offer her extensive skills and hardworking attitude to raise the text into the unthinkable high level, well beyond my expectations. She helped me with numerous advice also out of the scope of editing that made the book better and the publishing easier. I feel really lucky to have the privilege to meet her (after having less pleasant experience with others) and would highly recommend her.

    (This review was originally submitted via Haley Hampton’s profile on Upwork.)

  12. David Paul Kirkpatrick
    the dog

    As the former Story Editor of Paramount Pictures and as a former Production Chief of Walt Disney Studios, I have supervised thousands of screenplays and adaptions of novels into films. If I had to do it all over again, my first hire would be Haley Hampton. She really knows her story stuff and has a strong and gentle manner in dealing with material AND the creative process that makes her fun and easy to work with. I could never ever recommend her highly enough. She is a jewel. For the last two years, she has helped our small publishing company work through twenty-four books. She is the real deal. I would be happy to talk to anyone about Haley. I have grown to respect her beyond measure.

    (This review was originally submitted via email.)

  13. Karen Ferguson
    Breath of Life

    Haley is a true professional! Pleasant, knowledgeable, and skilled, she produces excellent work – on time! As a first time author, I especially appreciated the extra effort she put in to provide detailed answers to my many questions. Haley is great to work with!

    (This review was originally submitted via Haley Hampton’s profile on Upwork.)

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